Commercial Leasing
Commercial Leasing
Because everything is taken care of as part of our reef aquarium leasing service, you can have a reef aquarium on display at your business for employees and visitors to enjoy.

One of the most popular reasons for a business subscribing to our reef aquarium leasing service is that watching fish in a fish tank has calming qualities that reduces stress, which is a great help in a business environment.

If you’re interested in Exotic Aquatics reef aquarium leasing services why not give us a call at 847-854-6154.
Exotic Aquatics reef aquarium leasing service is an incredible value as you don’t just rent a fish tank, but you get the fish and fish food as part of the package, as well as regular cleaning and servicing of the aquarium.

If you choose to rent an aquarium from Exotic Aquatics you will be amazed at the amount of extra services you receive, compared to if you bought one. Our technicians will install your aquarium; supply the fish and food all for a low monthly fee. Our technicians will visit at regular intervals to fully service the leased aquarium so everything looks and runs as good as the day we installed it.

The ongoing service from Exotic Aquatics takes care of everything from cleaning the fish tank and making sure all the parts are functioning correctly, treating the fish if they need medical attention and maintaining the decor. It is better that our technicians take care of these things rather than you or your employees, as not only do our technicians know exactly what they’re doing, but the time your employees have to do their own job is precious. You won't even need to worry about feeding the fish because we install automatic fish feeders.

So if you’re looking to brighten up your business on a budget, rent an aquarium from Exotic Aquatics. Our low cost service is second to none. Call us at 847-854-6154 or Email US
500 Gallon Reef Aquarium at one of our commercial accounts.
Our reef aquarium leasing service is hassle free with everything taken care of. Our maintenance service is included in the entire reef aquarium rental price.

Maintenance of visual presentation of aquarium(s)
Servicing of Filtration, lighting and heating systems
Monitoring and partial water changing
Replacement service for equipment, accessories, and          livestock
Maintenance of Decor
Administration of all medications and treatments
Ongoing supply of fish food
Tank Sizes and Pricing
28 Gallon Nano Cube
Starting at $139.99

60 Gallon Cube
Starting at $224.99

75 Gallon Aquarium
Starting at $249.99
Don't see one you like? We have many other sizes and styles. Contact us to customize your very own setup.
In order to start Exotic Aquatics Reef Aquarium Rental Service you must pay for 3 months in advance. After three months you will be billed monthly. You must also sign a minimum 12 month service contract.
Leasing program available only in NE Illinois Suburbs.