Custom Reef Tanks
Custom Reef Tanks
Exotic Aquatics can create spectacular examples of "living art" in your home or office.

We are experts at fulfilling your dream aquarium. We coordinate all aspects of the design and installation with the builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. Our methodology is based on the duplication of the natural environment, utilizing the best equipment available and carefully designing and implementing the installation. We build "living reefs". The fish, live corals, and invertebrates we place in your aquarium are sourced from our retail store.

We plan the entire project from start to finish. We develop the specifications and provide them to all trades and ensure they complete their work as required by making site visits as necessary to ensure the project proceeds smoothly. When the aquarium is ready to be installed, we move quickly to ensure the aquarium will be ready when you are. Once the aquarium is completely installed and tested we will begin the stocking process. You can choose your fish and corals, with our guidance or rely entirely on our artistic vision! At this point we begin regular service and maintain your aquarium or train you to do it.

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Design your own aquarium in any size and any shape. Aquariums are no longer an ordinary box, you can have a room divider, a shape, a staircase wall, a feature wall, etc. Bring us your ideas and we will work with you to create a jaw dropping, one of a kind display for your home or office. Custom aquariums are affordable and can fit any budget.

We offer many custom options that are not available at your standard pet store or aquarium shop.