Aquarium Maintenance Service
Exotic Aquatics can provide you with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed aquarium maintenance. Our maintenance service is available in Northern Illinois and surrounding areas. Some distant locations will have a trip charge.

Our maintenance service routine includes; tank wall cleaning, filter cleaning and re-packing, adding water, testing water quality, equipment inspections, lighting inspections, livestock inspections, adding of additives if necessary, water changes if necessary and algae treatments if necessary. Aquarium maintenance can be customized to meet your needs. Our maintenance fees start at $70/hr.

Along with our maintenance service our expert staff can provide some education to customers that have limited knowledge on their new underwater world. It's a great way to learn about your equipment and to identify potential problems before they become serious.
Design Services
Let us design the underwater world in your home or business. In addition to maintenance services Exotic Aquatics offers custom reef aquarium design services.

Installation Services
Exotic Aquatics offers professional aquarium installation services for residential or commercial clients. Our installation professionals will insure that all equipment is properly mounted and operational to provide your new reef aquarium with the adequate life support system.

During the installation we can explain each component of your new reef aquarium as well as any maintenance tips.
For our commercial clients check out our Commercial Aquarium Leasing Page.
Maintenance Only Avalible in Illinois NW Suburbs