Lifegard Quiet One® Aquarium Pumps
Model 4000     $129.99
Marineland Emperor 400 Filter
The Emperor 400 Filter is designed with advanced technology that effectively and efficiently provides all three necessary aquarium filtration elements - mechanical, chemical, and most importantly, biological filtration for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Model # PF0400BD     $89.99
JBJ Submersible Pumps
Introducing JBJ's new line of "Dual Output" submersible powerheads. These pumps provide the proper water circulation for healthy fish and animals within your aquarium. Dual Output Flow Direction circulates water flow in two different directions simultaneously. Uses less energy and produces less heat than other models. Manufactured with quality parts for trouble free performance. Corrosion resistant ceramic shaft for fresh or saltwater usage.
(530gph)SP-2500     $39.99
Jebao Wave Maker
Rio + Aqua Pump/PowerHead
The new and improved Rio® Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads provide versatile water pump system designed with high efficiency and reliability at lower cost. Desinged with next generation magnetic-rotor technology, the Rio® Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads offer the best high-performance solution in the aquarium industry. Reliable and quiet, Rio® Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads do not use oil to operate so they cannot contaminate the aquatic environment.

Model # 2100     $79.99

Filters & Pumps
Filters & Pumps
For Submersible or Dry Applications in Salt or Freshwater Aquariums. ECO-SAV runs cooler and generates more power with less energy consumption. Internal recirculation prevents overheating and ejects obstructing debris. Remarkable impeller technology provides combined rotors, improved shaft materials and corrosion resistant bearings. EZ access cover allows ease of maintenance of rotor, shaft and removable impellers. Innovative “cooling chambers” provide air-cooling during dry use and water cooling in wet applications. Flow Controls on 200,400, 800,1200,2200,3000,4000,5000 and 6000 Models.
Danner Supreme Classic Pumps
This classic general purpose utility pump features a reusable debris pre-filter and a 10' power cord. These pumps are ideal in either saltwater or freshwater environments and operate equally well inline or submerged. With only one moving part, a ceramic impeller, and an epoxy-encased power unit; there's never a fear that it will contaminate the water with harmful oils or chemicals.

Model 7       $129.99
Model 9.5    $159.99
Model 12     $199.99
Rio + Aqua Pump/PowerHead
VorTech pumps produce unmatched broad yet gentle flow that you can control—eliminating dead spots and enhancing the health of your ecosystem. Several models for any size tank.
MP 10w     $285.00
MP 40w     $395.25
MP 60w     $675.00
FS8000     $109.99
FS14000     $139.99
Eshopps Overflow Boxes
PF-800     $89.99
The overflow box effectively transport aquarium water to under cabinet sumps, refugiums, or wet/dry filters. These high quality overflow boxes features bulkhead fittings for secure and convenient installation. The U-tube style compact overflow boxes are designed to fit between your tank and your wall to maximize space usage in your aquarium setup. With only 3 in. required between your tank and your wall, these boxes are excellent for optimizing space. Each box includes everything required to attach it to your system.

Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Refugiums
ULTRA 200     $349.99
ULTRA 300     $429.99
Maximum filtration micron bag, protein skimmer, chemical and biological. Adjustable flow gate allows for water flow control into refugium. Fill the refugium with optional bio balls and make it a wet/dry trickle filter. Lifetime warranty against leaks. Includes Flex Hose, Bulkheads, Filter Socks, and Sponge